Aye Raat Lyrics - Master-D Ft. Nivla

Aye Raat - Master-D Ft. Nivla :
Produced By - Subir "Master-D" Dev
Lyrics By - Bishu Dey "Rinku"
Mixed By - Jegan Tjp
Music Label - Tiger Media

Aye Raat Lyrics :

Shonogo lalona dure thekona
Esho bahoo-dore
Kache chai tomare dure jeo na
Chai bare bare..
Khujechi tomay anotokaal dhore
Chilam andhokare..
Tumi ele jibon alo kore
Probhater shur dhore..

Aye raat tomar amar
Aye raat tomar amar
Aye raat bhalobashar
Aye raat kache pawar
Aye raattomar amar
Aye raat tomar amar
Aye raat tomay chowar
Aye raat tomay dekhar

Tomari bhalobasha shimahin nesha
Jani tomay peye...
Harate chai na tomay aaj ogo
Kono binimoye..
Duti hridoyer durbar spondone
Ei bondhone..
Dujon dujonay hariye jawa
Ei subhokhone....

Aye raat tomar amar...

Cause you my lover my girlfriend
The one i'll be with till the
worl end
That shoulder i could cry on
When life send me them whirlwinds
You the finest most definitely
An the way our minds touch
Girl i wana love you up and down
When you look into my eyes so sensually

Cause you my queen and i feen you
Like a star in my eyes
And if i could girl i'd give you
every star in the sky
For what it's worth i'll bring
heaven to earth

Cause my angel baby girl
and this night is what you deserve

Aye raat tomar amar...

I'm addicted to your love
addicted to your love baby [x3]
Aye raat sudhu geye jay
Aye raat...
(Girl i wana hear you sing it)

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