Ei Shomoy Bengali Neews Paper Theme Song

Ei Shomoy Bengali Neews Paper Theme Song Lyrics. Directed by Sujoy Ghosh. 
This Song Sung And Featuring By Many Bangla Band Singers - Chandrabindoo, 
Lakki chara, Fossils, Cactus, Moine-er Ghoraguli And Anupam Roy.

Ei Shomoy Bengali Lyrics :

Hajar bochor dhore ei path,
Hete choli abar sei path
Ghure phirey payer sei chaap
Jeno aatke na jay..

Ekhon jokhon notun gaane
Notun vabe banchar maane
Akash chuye phire asha
Cholo egiye jaai..

Ei somoy.. Amar shomoy.. [x2]
Premikar ahobaney, Ei shomoy
Notuner sondhane, Ei shomoy
Amar shohor jane, Ei shomoy
Aaj amader shomoy, Ei shomoy..

Ei Shomoy English Lyrics :

The path that's been walked for
thousands of years
We walk along the same path again
On our journey to strike a new trail
Beware of the comfort of old footprints

Now as the new melody fills the air
And lends meaning to a new way of life
It's time to reach for the stars
It's time to move ahead

This moment is mine, These times are mine
My lover's call beckons in the new times
In search of something new in these times
My city knows the power of these new times
Today our moment has come, our time has come

These times shall be my times

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